Distance Education Handbook

 Introduction                                                             Training Pack Quiz/Test

Faith Christian School of Distance Education

§Recognises the value of the home and family as a center for learning

§With the strengths of Distance Education in resources and support

Faith Christian School Home Based Education programs are to support you in the education of your most precious resource – your children. 

The phrase Home Based Education was coined by our Principal Jason Caldwell in an effort to promote a team work relationship between the home and supporting teachers. At Faith Christian School our teacher’s role is to support you to experience success in your Home Based Education. Equally, your role is to work with your teacher to provide a quality Christian education for your children.

As professional educators and practicing Christians we are here to work with you to obtain the best possible outcomes for your students, so that they may develop Christ-like character and fulfill the exciting plans that God has for their lives.

Psalm 127 underpins all our endeavours. Unless we put the Lord first in all our plans, all our efforts will be fruitless. 

Psalm 127 - Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain.