Parents and Younger Students
Students need to start thinking about career opportunities from a young age, during primary, as this will support a sense of purpose for study and learning. Education isn’t everything, but it does help to increase our brain power and therefore our future options and opportunities. 

Will a young student know what they want to do when they are working age? Very rarely. In fact, students who talk about what they want to do later in life usually change their mind many times and end up doing something else. However, the ideas often give direction and motivation and a sense of goal setting. This often involves younger students considering what skills they will need for their career dreams and brings relevance to scholastic learning.

This is the reasoning behind our Faith Integrated Social Studies Vocational Unit for primary students. We plan to write more in the future and to have two units within our secondary English that have a career, vocational and business theme.

Parents and Older Students
We really do live in an age of options and Australia is certainly the land of opportunity. It wasn’t that long ago that a person's choice of career was to simply carry on in the family business or line of work. If you were from a poor family your options were very limited and you simply went into the labouring role in local industry. Understanding this can help us realise how blessed we are in Australia at this time.  

Many Christians struggle with knowing what to do when they face important decisions about their career or callings. Is it up to God to guide or up to parents to direct? The key is to remember that scripture tells us: God promises to guide us and has a great plan for each of our lives.

Our decisions have the power to change our lives for the better, or for the worse, and for many this is just too scary. They think, “What if we choose the wrong thing or cut off our options?” But should we live in fear? What does the Bible say?  

2 Timothy 1:7  God has not given us a spirit of fear but of love, power and a sound mind..

We need to look at vocational directions as exciting opportunities and work hard to prepare and keep our options open, until we have done our ground work, having prayerfully considered the options and having had time to gain life experiences.

Proverbs 3:6 “In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.”

This site is designed to encourage you to explore and consider options, dream big and yet consider practical aspects of life. If you are not sure what to do in life then seek God and work to keep your options open.

You “can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens you.” Philippians 4:13

Thus, it’s good to aim high and stretch your brain. You may be surprised by what you can do and then have the heart to consider careers that you once thought were not available to you. For those who have had struggles in core areas such as Reading, Writing or Maths, remember to plan for a future that you could have - considering the hard work you WILL put in to change your limits or overcome an area that has held you back. I have often found students aiming for goals based around where they are and not what they could be if they put in some extra work.

I myself left school at 15 with a reading age of 8 and poor academic skills. In my lower primary years I did try, but due to family issues and no one to give me the extra help I may have needed, I quickly got behind. Then I just mucked around until it was time to face the workforce. Suddenly, I realised I needed the scholastic skills to get a job.  I tried very hard for my last year at school but it was too late. My job options were very limited.

I now realise from experience how important scholastic skills are when you are trying to land a job and pay the bills…
Thankfullly, I became a Christian and started listening to God and His great plan started to unfold. This involved hard work, but I went on to become a school teacher, helping children experience success in learning. 

If God has done this in my life, just imagine what He is going to do in your life if you follow His plan and work hard!

Yes in the Bible God does say, “All things work together for good.” But do not forget the conditions; it goes on to say, “for those who love the Lord, to them who are called according to his purpose.”


Jason Caldwell
Principal Faith Christian School Distance Education


Career Direction and Consideration
It is good for students to learn about the different roles individuals and groups have within society and the opportunities they have in planning how they are going to earn an income in adult life. Understanding the difference in pay, level of flexibility and life style options, various tickets and qualifications can give students an understanding of the importance of forward thinking and planning. Then, considering the educational requirements to access various tertiary options can give new meaning to the relevance and importance of school study.

For many students approaching their Senior Years they have limited life experience and knowledge of the world, so making career choices, let alone subject choices, can be challenging. We have provided information on our Senior course of Study pages showing subject, QCE, TAFE and options for access to various types of tertiary study. The Careers Bullseyes are a great way to explore how different career options link into school subjects. This information is also linked to resources in Past Careers workshop information is available via our SETP link at the bottom of this page.

Helpful Links
There are many helpful tools for young adults to explore careers, vocational options, University and TAFE courses of study.

Please go to for a comprehensive list of University & TAFE Open Days and Career Expos in Queensland. 

Go to if you are in a regional area, intrerested in the Queensland Government Graduate program or want to connect in with the Indigenous Career expos.

When attending careers Expos try and ask people who have worked in the field at the stands:

“What did you like about the job?”,
“Is it difficult to find positions?”,
"What course of study would you recommend?”
“What are some of the difficult or unpleasant parts of your job?” -I have often been concerned for students training for years and at considerable cost, for jobs that may not be there… Here is a major Job search engine to find out (in real time) if there are actual jobs available for a career that you are thinking about. For example if you put in the word “nurse” you will find around 1000 matches, however if you put in “Vet Nurse” you will find around 15 positions in all of Australia-and some of those are really looking for trainees low or unpaid… Whether there were jobs or not at the end of a short course may not matter, however if you have spent 40K on a degree for which there are no jobs (or 10 position per year, for 500 graduates across Australia completing their degrees each year, then you may want to really pray about it and look at ways to keep your options open.

Another USQ careers resource is the Understanding You Wordle. This is an online, mobile friendly or printable activity designed to support individuals in considering their strengths, interests and values in a career context. It is a fun and simple tool to start a careers conversation. Visit this resources page to check it out.  

For Students Interested in Work Opportunities
Preparing Secondary Students for Work is a free Government VET resource. This national framework aims to ensure students have access to quality vocational learning that will prepare them to meet the higher demands of the workplace in a globally competitive environment. For more information visit Preparing Secondary Students for Work

More to come, as staff are planning senior student activities around Set Planning, mock interviews and discussion groups on this topic…

School Based Traineeships and Apprenticeships (SAT)

Please contact the Senior Secondary Coordinator and keep your Area Teacher in the loop if you are considering this option. is a government funded 'Apprenticeship Pathways' site that provides a host of resources and links to job hunting, pre-apprenticships (including school-based apprenticeships) and the like. If you are considering this pathway make sure you visit this site. provides a job board of available School Based Traineeships across Australia

Whilst the majority of opportunities listed here are SEQ focussed you may find some good leaders using these providers with & & & There are many other providers..

Toowoomba Darling Downs apprenticeship traineeships:  & -Large Government site with information on most careers. (Little simplistic but good general site)  Several tools to help you consider options are built into the site… To research career options you can also pick up a copy of the Good Careers Guide (purchase hardcopy or download app for free) that provides details of 400 careers.

Other careers, SETP and related information resources

2016 FaithCSDE Careers Subject Selection Support Doc Final [PDF 894kB]

TAFE at Schools 2018 information and application links

2017 SHARED SETP Folder (includes all files shared at SETP workshops)

Options Career Information Bulletins